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Tarot Reading

Chakra Healing

Why Do You Need Energy Healing

Here I am going to mention some signs that you need energy healing: 

1) Not feeling comfortable with medicine and therapy

2) CPTSD due to chronic illness or abuse 

3) If you are an empath, or highly sensitive person (HSP) 

4) You don’t have any chronic illness but you do feel inflammation and fatigue in your body

5) Long term extreme sleep disorder

6) If you feel robotic after being under medication for long term 

7) Dysfunctional relationship with money, people, career 

8) Drug addiction 

9) Eating Disorder

10) If you have codependency or been a victim of narcissism

Here’s my list of services

1) Chakra Healing $30

2) Heal from Chronic Illness with Energy Healing (1Hour) $100

3) Tarot Reading $50

4) Yes/No Tarot Reading $5

5) 1Question Tarot Reading $10

6) Astrology Prediction $50

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