Starcraft Map

The 13” x 16” hand drawn Starcraft Maps, is a custom drawn Astrological Chart, delivering your personal magic to the query of your choosing.

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The Beauty of Your Soul (32 minutes)

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This meditation is a magical journey towards finding out more about the real beauty of your soul. (32 minutes)

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Thriving Mama Circle

A monthly membership community to support mamas in all stages of parenting, with simple, effective, embodied practices to soothe & regulate your nervous system, to Be With & transform emotions, to tap into your Inner Wisdom, and to replenish your energy quickly (even if your time for self-care is only in odd moments!).

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Unleash the Sacred Leader Within

Are you a Coach, Lightworker or Heart-centred Leader ready to claim your voice and share your gifts with the world so you can live a life of flow, joy and authentic impact? Unleash the Sacred Leader Within is the program to help you, just like it’s helped over 900,000 leaders in over 90 countries up-level their already impressive leadership.


  • Next round: September 15 – October 20, 2020
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Virtual Coaching

So you have a new baby, you’re recovering from birth, and you’d love to talk with someone who is an expert in all things 4th Trimester? That’s me; I’m a fairy godmother who will hold space for you as you process your transition to motherhood, help you understand and care for your baby, offer tools for your postpartum toolbox, and create a concrete plan so you can parent with love and confidence. 

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Visibility and Money Blocks Healing Session Recording

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Are you ready to become more visible and receive more abundance through your work? This recorded healing session can help you do that at your own pace.

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