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Embark on an enlightening journey with our 20-minute tarot reading, where the cards unveil profound insights, clarity, and your destined path. Experience the magic of self-discovery and embrace the wisdom that awaits you.

If you wish to reach out to me and ask questions, please take a look at my website at It contains links to most of my social medias. I am very easy to get ahold of. I check everything once every morning. Remember to check your email for the appointment reminder and zoom link once you make the appointment. 



20 Minute Online Tarot Card Reading


20 Minute Online Tarot Card Reading Will Help You


Are you yearning for profound healing and self-empowerment? Prepare to set sail on a transformative 20-minute tarot reading, where answers to your deepest questions await.

Untangle the Knots of Life

In this illuminating session, I will guide you through the enigmatic paths of life, offering straightforward insights to help you untangle any knots you find yourself in.

Embrace the Magic Within

Rediscover the joy of believing in magic and the seemingly impossible, empowering you to release the idea of “I can’t.”

Unveil Answers to Your Questions

Ask as many questions as your heart desires, and with each card drawn, I will share precisely what you need to hear. Expect practical guidance, recommended resources, and valuable web links to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Thriving, Prosperity, and Contentment

Your presence here signals your quest for genuine solutions and valuable information. As your dedicated guide, my priority is to help you thrive, prosper, and find contentment in life, ensuring you receive precisely the answers you seek.

Equip Yourself with Practical Tools

As we delve deeper into the reading, I will equip you with practical tools to effectively implement these newfound insights into your daily life. From meditations to psychic hygiene exercises and strategies for building and maintaining your manifestations, you’ll have the keys to your own transformation.

A Unique Perspective on Self-Care

Please note that my guidance offers a unique perspective on self-care, empowering you to better achieve your goals. However, it is essential to recognize that such advice is not a substitute for professional diagnosis. For technical advice, I encourage you to seek assistance from qualified experts, whether it’s a doctor, lawyer, or other specialists.

Experience the Light Seekers Tarot

For this empowering journey, I will use the transformative wisdom of the Light Seekers Tarot by Chris Anne, igniting profound healing and unlocking your path to self-empowerment.

Embrace the magic that awaits you. Book your 20-minute tarot reading now and begin your journey towards profound healing and self-empowerment.

1 review for 20 Minute Online Tarot Card Reading

  1. Gina Locatelli (verified owner)

    Jason is the most wonderful reader I have ever been to. He reads the cards beautifully and asks thought-provoking questions that help me find my way through life’s challenges. He has used a wide variety of card decks that introduce me to different forms of artwork and Tarot messages. He is a treasure and shows a deep respect and dedication to the Divine Messages of the Tarot. I highly recommend him to anyone new to the Tarot or anyone is familiar with the Tarot. Thank you, Jason.

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person's hang reaching out sunlight

I empower healers, protect warriors, and inspire leaders. As a guardian of light, my purpose is to ensure their well-being and safety. Together, we stand strong in preserving the essence of illumination.

20 Minute Online Tarot Card Reading

Discover Your Path as a Lightworker: Guided Healing and Empowerment

Are you a Lightworker who feels lost on their journey? Allow me to be your guide and help you reconnect with your Highest Self.

Healing Services for Lightworkers: Fulfilling Your Purpose and Destiny

I specialize in providing healing services exclusively tailored to Lightworkers, enabling them to embrace their destined role of healing others. If you find it challenging to access your inner light, divine connection, or sense of purpose, I offer profound support to reignite your spiritual flame.

Empowerment Through High-End Energy Work

As a skilled energy worker, I harness the potent power of my unique brand of Reiki to restore balance, release blockages, and catalyze profound transformations in your life. Alongside this, I create personalized protection charms and talismans to safeguard your energetic well-being.

Holistic Approach to Psychic Guidance and Care

My services extend beyond mere psychic guidance. I prioritize your overall well-being and personal fulfillment, offering practical advice and tailored recommendations for self-care, nurturing your growth, and embodying your highest potential on your sacred journey.

Unlock the Power Within: Exploring Magic and Harnessing Your Innate Abilities

Imagine taking action in your life not just based on faith, but from a place of empowerment fueled by knowledge and experience. This is the essence of what I seek to teach—to empower individuals like you to explore the realms of magic and fully harness their innate abilities.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-empowerment? Let me guide you on this extraordinary path of spiritual discovery and fulfillment.



Jason Michael Hottel

I empower healers, protect warriors, and inspire leaders. As a guardian of light, my purpose is to ensure their well-being and safety. Together, we stand strong in preserving the essence of illumination.

20 Minute Online Tarot Card Reading

Unveil the Secrets Within – Schedule Your Tarot Reading Now

 Greetings and Blessings from Jason, also known endearingly as Fluffy!

Throughout my path, I acknowledge my place within the vast tapestry of the universe. As a co-creator of divine essence, every action, thought, and word I express manifests the universe through this human form. Engaging with various energies and spiritual entities, I treat them with utmost respect and integrity, recognizing them as different facets of my own being expressed in unique ways. Through attuned source energy, I offer individuals a profound connection to their core blueprint, allowing them to rediscover their true essence and find validation in their existence.

On a grand cosmic scale, I serve as a diplomatic presence, welcoming all spiritual and energetic beings in my energetic domain. Regardless of their alignment, I offer solace and nourishment, allowing them to find peace and restoration, returning to their divine blueprint.

In this human form, I embody the unique spirit of a three-legged wolf, and my journey has been filled with unexpected turns. As a below-the-knee amputee due to a work-related accident and a diabetic facing foot sensitivity challenges, I have faced life-threatening issues. However, I chose to cultivate happiness and humor, knowing their powerful effects on health and well-being. My missing limb, now cherished as an unconventional paperweight, serves as a constant reminder of this transformative perspective.

Embracing laughter and gratitude as powerful allies, I rewired my brain to respond to life’s challenges with joy rather than frustration. Even during extended hospital stays, I maintained a playful attitude, zooming around in a wheelchair, indulging in ice cream, and pretending to be on vacation. My journey led me to seek assistance from Hecktae, inviting breakthroughs to prevent boredom and insecurities from sabotaging my well-being. The flames of adversity became a metaphorical cleansing fire, allowing me to savor the sweetness of life and embrace unexpected encounters.

May you embrace the playful dance of life and embark on a journey of limitless wonders. Blessings from Fluffy!

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My Certifications & Awards

  • First Degree of the Correllian Nativist Tradition
  • B.A. Small Business Administration

20 Minute Online Tarot Card Reading


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