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In this 2-hour phone or video call we explore your most desperate challenges and start right away to calm the chaos in your family.

“Help My Family Now” 2 Hour Coaching Call


“Help My Family Now” 2 Hour Coaching Call Will Help You


This 2-hour Coaching Call is for you if

  • You are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and are struggling to face another day
  • You are struggling to find a way to care for yourself while caring for everyone else
  • You want to be proactive and address your concerns before they become bigger problems for your family
  • You realize you need help but don’t even know where  to begin!
  • You feel too stressed to make a long-term commitment to coaching but want to incorporate new skills and tools to see immediate changes in your family TODAY


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Mindset Coach for Parents  and  PCI Certified Parent Coach®️

“Help My Family Now” 2 Hour Coaching Call

The parents I work with are facing life and family challenges and discovering that they are having parenting experiences that are very different than what you thought they would be, and they don’t feel equipped for the challenge. Whether they’re parenting a child with special needs or parenting through and after divorce, they recognize that the needs of their family and the stress of the situation are so great that they’re often feeling overwhelmed, angry, and frustrated.

Are you struggling?

Do you have a child with a physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or learning difference? Is your family facing challenging circumstances such as a divorce?

Do you feel like your parenting experience isn’t anything like what you imagined it would be? Do you wonder how you will meet the needs of ALL your children when one of them is requiring so much of the family’s time and energy and so many emotional and financial resources or you are going through a difficult time yourself?

Have you sacrificed your own self-care and now feel like you don’t know how you can keep up?

Are you tired of reading all the books, listening to podcasts, buying the courses, and trying to make changes, but nothing seems to improve?

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you work with someone who has been in your shoes and made it to the other side!


I BELIEVE that tough times don’t have to break us down- they can break us open- open to love, growth, and connection.
I BELIEVE that staying calm and being a calming presence in your child’s life is a gift to you and your family.
I BELIEVE that children need to know that they are ENOUGH and WORTHY OF LOVE- just as they are, right here, right now.
I BELIEVE that how you parent should be based on who your child needs you to be, not who you thought you would be.
I BELIEVE that we are constantly growing and changing, and that is something we should welcome and embrace, rather than fear and resist!

My mission is to support parents through the challenges of parenting so that they can reclaim the joy of parenting, accept and embrace their children for who they are, build and maintain connection in their family, and lead their family to thrive. The changes a parent makes today will impact their family for generations to come, and I hope to help decrease the amount of suffering in the world one child and one family at a time.

Juliet Marciano, MD

Mindset Coach for Parents  and  PCI Certified Parent Coach®️

“Help My Family Now” 2 Hour Coaching Call

About Dr. Juliet

I was you. I was sitting right where you are today, wondering what to do next and feeling overwhelmed, parenting as a single parent of four children, several with extra needs.

I had a very busy life as a Pediatrician and a parent of four young children when several of my children were identified as having special needs. I discovered that I couldn’t find the guidance and support I needed to help me face a parenting experience so different from what I had envisioned. Often, I was given advice that wasn’t appropriate for my family or went against my values, and I felt so alone.

I made the difficult decision to retire from my career in medicine and I made it my mission to find the information, read all the books, study with specialists, and make the changes to my life that allowed me to be the kind of parent each of my children needs me to be! I was able to support my children through every challenge and create a deep connection with all my children. My family has thrived and I knew I had to share what I had learned with other parents.

As Seen In

My Certifications & Awards

  • PCI Certified Parent Coach®️ with certification through Parent Coach International
  • Doctor of Medicine Degree – Drexel University School of Medicine- Medical College of PA
  • Pediatric Residency Training Program- St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology- Saint Joseph’s University
  • Mindful Schools Mindful Educator Essentials (K-12 curriculum) training completion
  • Former Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Breastfeeding Resource Center
  • PRO-LC PA Physician of the Year

“Help My Family Now” 2 Hour Coaching Call

My Endorsements

Dr. Juliet and Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Dr. Juliet Marciano is endorsed by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, and Acclaimed Bestselling Author of The Awakened FamilyThe Conscious Parent, Out Of Control, A Radical Awakening, and Superpowered.

“I’m Dr. Shefali, and I’m so excited to endorse the work of Juliet because her work as a parent coach integrates many of the teachings that I espouse, Eastern philosophy and mindfulness, with psychology to help parents and families reach their highest potential.
I wholeheartedly support her work and endorse her as a coach and as a guide for you and your family.”


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