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Congrats on taking step 1!

Now you know how much Revenue you need to create

to make your dream business and lifestyle a reality.

Make The Money You Want

Within The Hours You Want To Work

Selling multiple passive income products is the easiest way

to create time and financial freedom in your business.

The Revenue Flow Map custom business plan system + The Passive Income Product Accelerator

Will help you for FREE to create your first passive income product in under 30 days.

So you have more time to share your gifts with the world, and live your dream life.

If the following describes you, then you're in the right spot.

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You want to run your business in a sustainable way, aligned with your energy, without overworking yourself.


You want to easily identify what tasks you’re doing actually create revenue, and which are just taking up your time. And how to incorporate new ideas into your business in a profitable way. 

You want to quickly gain clarity so you can make decisions that are great for your business, and that honor your empathic nature and take into account your spiritual outlook.

How does the Accelerator + RFM system combo work?

We focus on e/audio-books, audio recordings, drop-shipping products, digital art work, printables, or anything you can create within a few dedicated work days.

You’ll receive an email reminder at the beginning part of each stage, and further instructions for each stage will be available within the class described below.

Every stage includes space for time off, or just for your ideas to grow. Move at your own pace.

If you get stuck you can join our online support group where coaching and accountability support is always available. Learn more at the bottom of the page.

You’ll go through the Revenue Flow Map Course and create your custom business plan. Learn more below.

You’ll outline ideas for your passive income product.

You’ll create your product.

You’ll create all of the marketing materials needed for your landing page.

You’ll set up your landing pages. When you use the Flowation Marketplace for your landing pages you’ll get access to all our amazing e-commerce, marketplace and business support features.

You’ll beta test your product and if you’re part of the support group you can get feedback from other Accelerator participants. 

You’ll set up your preferred traffic source. Or if you’re using the Flowation Marketplace you can get our Flowpreneur add on’s and we’ll do it for you.

You’re ready to sell!

Catch up days. Life happens, so use this time to finish up!

Days 1-3: What will I do in the RFM class?

You’ll create a custom step by step business strategy to achieve your Revenue goals.

Each step will take into account your budget, time you have to work, circumstances, preferences, and priorities.


And you’ll achieve clarity that will change your business forever.

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Make Space for Your Well-Being

You decide how much time you want to spend working. All Revenue Maps take into account possible sick days, and other times of year you might not want to work.

Do the Math With Reality in Mind

We use energetic exercises as you calculate your Revenue goal to make sure you’re feeling aligned with every decision you need to make about your business.

Create Unshakeable Focus

Knowing what actions and decisions will actually create revenue in your business, and when to take them is invaluable. This clarity will help you tap into your sweet spot between doing what you love and what helps you create the revenue you want in the time you want to work.

What Students think about the class....

"As a new entrepreneur I felt like things weren’t going the way I had hoped, because I didn’t know much about running a business. This course changed all of that! It gave me all the little steps to create a business plan that would be profitable. And because it deals with the energetic side of things too, it helped me clear out the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I feel way more confident now in my business!"
Jeni Bucci
Bio Feedback Practitioner
"I've gone through the RFM course several times, and every time I'm able to tap into my soul, and find a new layer of my calling and the essence of my offer as well as creatively figure out logistics that will really get my customers amazing results. This course always helps me gain clarity on how I want to show up in my business, what boundaries I need and how I can create the most impact with my work."
Kathryn Cartwright
Writing Voice Coach & Book Editor
"I did the live round of RFM and it was SO worth it. I can't thank Simran enough. She really helped all of us clarify and go within. And she knew just how to navigate what was showing up for everyone, and adjusted the questions she was asking to bringing in another layer for us to think about - like peeling back the layers of an onion. Her coaching was so supportive and created so much clarity. I highly recommend!"
Tia Fagan
Authenticity & Parent Coach

What’s Included in the Class?

The Guidebook
The simple to follow 157 page Large Print Edition Revenue Flow Map Guidebook is your main resource in the course.
It will explain the 8 step process to create your custom business strategy.
 It’s filled to the brim with practical resources you can keep re-using to help save time when making decisions in your business.
21 Support Videos
Each is less than 3 minutes long, and will help you better understand concepts introduced in the Guidebook.
8 Accounting Calculators
Figure out quickly what to charge, how many spots you can offer, how quickly you can make your membership profitable, and the amount of Revenue your business needs to sustain your dream lifestyle.
Knowing your Revenue goal is like setting a destination in your GPS. Figuring out the steps on how to get there becomes easier, without the unnecessary detours that eat away at your energy.
10 minute long Binaural Beats track
Listen to help retrain your brain and Heal your abundance, visibility or time blocks and release any limiting beliefs you become aware of during the class.

Also included in the Guidebook

The 4 Elements
of a Successful Offer
Everything you sell has a recipe to success. Never miss an ingredient again.
Since you’ll know exactly what work you should be doing to move your business forward, it will be easier to manage the time you spend on your business as well. 
Free vs. Paid Offers Guide & 
2 Business Decision Matrices
Save time and frustration on making all the decisions that will impact the amount of revenue your business can make.
Gain clarity easily on what will work best for your business and what feels in alignment for you, so you can do business with ease and flow.
10 Planning Worksheets &
5 Ready to Fill Market Research Templates
Pressure test your ideas quickly and know exactly what will and won’t sell effectively.
So you only spend time and energy on business plans that result in revenue – not wasted effort.
10 Energetic
Thought Exercises
Notice and observe your reactions to the numbers involved in this course.
Then use these exercises to help you figure out exactly what energy, limiting beliefs, etc. is no longer serving you.

About Your Spiritual Small Business Mentor

Simran Bhatia has unique understanding of spiritual entrepreneurship.
She has been a spiritual entrepreneur in the publishing, e-commerce and marketing industries herself since 2003. An attorney who specialized in small business, succession planning and estate planning in her former law practice. And an Amazon best-selling author.
She has been actively working with Lightworkers, selling all kinds of things, for over 2 decades to grow their businesses.
Simran has a depth of experience in what it takes to support spiritual-minded small business owners who are looking to grow their business to the next level.
Every Coach you’ll encounter in the RFM Group has a similar caliber of experience working with Lightworkers, and a unique expertise to offer to help you uplevel your business.
You have lifetime access to the course. And access to any future updates to the course materials. Anytime your circumstances change or your ready to grow your business further create a new Map to keep yourself on track!

On-going Coaching, Support and Accountability
add on our weekly group subscription whenever you need it - cancel anytime and still keep your lifetime access to the course.

Ask Questions When You Have Them
Get continued coaching and support through our online group and weekly live coaching events.
Leave written, video or audio questions at any time in the group. 
A RFM-trained Coach answers questions daily. So you can get support when it matters most, in a way that works best for you. 
Need to be held accountable so you can make progress? Get weekly accountability check-ins.

When you sign up for the Accelerator you can click on the ‘Need more Help?’ tab at anytime to sign up.

Meet Your Coach

What Students say about Simran's coaching....

"I've been in my own business for 9 years now, and for the first time ever I felt capable and willing to identify my target audience. The energy that Simran embodies when she is with you is so pure, in service of you. And she has this ability to point out your blind spots, but with such love. And that is what makes her the best at what she does, because she's able to clearly show you what to do next to propel your business forward. I felt like she wants to see me succeed and will do anything in her power to do so. These kinds of souls are rare to find."
Seema Sodha
Transformational Leadership Coach
"I vibrationally could feel who I wanted to serve, but I couldn't do a good job of articulating it, which made it really hard to create the right offers, or write good sales or marketing copy. Simran had an amazing seamless way of making me think and holding space for me to receive the answers. And I really appreciated that as someone who energetically feels things before I can speak to them it was a game changer! It was like she had this amazing unlock button. Her style is gentle, yet strong; intuitive, yet highly intelligent; and she will make you feel at ease. And what is most special about Simran is she understands how Intuitives and Empaths work. She's an A+ in my book!"
Nicole Karon
Energy Healer
"I love Simran's spiritual and intuitive approach to coaching. She has natural ability to hone in on the work I do, the impact I want to create, and who it is that I'm serving. And she opened my eyes to an additional service I could provide. And when I told her maybe I'd feel ready in a few years... she asked the right questions, challenged my limiting beliefs and created space for me to reflect and realize that I was worthy of providing that service now. It was so eye-opening to have her connect me with my own potential, and I found this so invaluable."
Vidya Ramachandran
Women's Career Coach

When you buy on the Flowation Marketplace you support our mission:

Two percent of the Flowation Marketplace’s revenue goes to developing and funding our Healing for Little Hands program, which aims to serve two goals:
To create a community of lightworkers providing energy healing and support to children, and their families, who are experiencing life-threatening situations and critical illnesses. 
And to provide free spiritual education to these children across the world to help them learn the tools they need to heal from the trauma they have experienced, and learn emotional regulation from a young age.

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