Get Back on Track Map

Have an offer that’s not creating the revenue amount you want it to? 

Follow these steps to identify the problem and get suggestions on how to fix it.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Evaluate your schedule

    Do I have any more time available in my work schedule? Or am I willing to invest more time into my business?


  • Quiet Your Mind

    Which feels best?

  • Upgrade an Offer

    Click here if your Offers aren't selling much to learn how to tell if your Offer isn't working, and what to change about it.

  • Enhance Your Marketing

    If you're landing pages are getting lots of views, but very few people are buying. Click here to learn what to change.

  • Generate More Leads

    Click here for ideas on how to generate more leads organically for your offers, in a way that fits your energy.

  • Raise Your Prices

    Click here for ideas on how to add more value to your offers so you can raise your prices confidently.

  • Create a New Offer

    Click here to learn how to add new offers to your Reverse Energetic Funnel that light you up.

  • None of these options resonate?

    Take a look at our suggestions in the column to the right.


  • What's your budget?

    Do you have the budget for paid methods to improve your landing page so it creates more sales?


  • Become a Flowpreneur

    Click here to look at our a la carte services to help you enhance your offers, drive more traffic to them, or shift your resistance to getting on track.


  • Revist Your Goal

    Read through the section below to learn how to re-evaluate your revenue goal, to see if you can still meet your current goals or need to set a new goal.

  • Re-evaluate your goal

    If you are in a situation where you don't have additional time or money to invest in reaching your goal ask yourself the following question:

    Am you willing to adjust how I'm handling my business?


  • Quiet Your Mind

    Which feels best?

  • Eliminate some Expenses

    If you audit your expenses you may ones that you no longer need.Ask yourself how each expense is serving your business?

  • Focus on your Higher Revenue Offers

    Redirect more of your time towards these offers allows you to generate more revenue in the same time.

  • Uplevel your Target Market

    Working with people you enjoy more can help shift any resistance you're experiencing and allow business to flow to you easier.


  • Revist Your Goal

    Your business might not be at a stage where it can support certain expenses yet.

    We recommend temporarily eliminating your emergency, discretionary, and contribution to savings amounts in your Lifestyle Calculator.

And the Emergency fund and capital for new revenue streams amounts in your Business Calculator.

This should signifiantly reduce the amount listed as your Revenue goal.

And allow your business the breathing room to grow in a way that’s sustainable for you.

Ask a question to the whole group

  1. Make sure to tag your post with #RFM, since there are many types of posts in the Business Group
  2. Let people know exactly what you are looking for – suggestions for how to fix an offer? Suggestions for a totally new offer? Anecdotes about how they fixed a similar offer?
  3. Provide the right details – which offer are you re-working? Which stage of the Get Back on Track Map are you stuck on? How many hours do you have to dedicate to fixing this offer? Do you have a budget available? What resistance are you experiencing?

Asking the RFM Coach in the group

Please understand that you will have to be open, honest and vulnerable if you expect to get a useful response from our RFM Coach. 


Please consider the following before you ask the RFM Coach a question:


  1. Have you accounted for ALL of your expenses in the personal and business tabs in your Tracker? Often even 1 expense can change the Revenue amount required and have a ripple effect throughout the numbers in your tracker. Please confirm this, and your actual revenue goal before posting your question. Be prepared to provide your exact Revenue Goal with your question.
  2. Please make sure your Reverse Energetic Funnel is completed except for any new offers you might need to add in to meet your Revenue Goal. Be prepared to provide an easily-readable copy of your REF with your question.
  3. Go through the Get Back on Track Map above and please provide a bullet point list with details for the RFM Coach on the options in the Map that you have already considered and your emotional/energetic reaction to each.
  4. Please provide the RFM Coach with a second bullet point list of your hobbies/interests, and any other skills/expertise you might have from past work experiences.
  5. Please provide the RFM Coach with a detailed explanation, with demographic details, about the type of soul you want to call in as a customer/client. (i.e. male in their 30s, diverse, but only in Australia  OR 40-60 year old females that identify as women, mothers with adult children, only located in South America)
  6. Provide the RFM Coach with an other details you are relevant for them to get a big picture of your circumstances, preferences for your business, and place you are at energetically as you look at tweaking your tracker.

Attend a Revenue Flow Hot Seat event

Once a month a RFM Coach will host a Revenue Flow Hot Seat event. You can check for dates in the RFM group sidebar. Or click here to search for RFM hotseat in our events calendar.

Please be prepared with all of the same details as mentioned in the ‘Asking the RFM Coach in the Group’ tab above if you expect to receive any kind of breakthrough.

Sharing your RFM win!

We’re so excited that you have a win to share! Remember if you share details (exactly what resistance you worked through, how and what details you changed about your offer) you can help others who might be in a similar situation. So try to be detailed in explaining how you go to this win! Use #RFMWin when you share in the group!

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