Astrological Reading Live 90 minutes

$185.00 90 minutes

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Astrological Reading as 90 minutes live, in – person or virtual. Available types of reading are Natal Chart Readings, Synastry Charts, Composite Charts, and Astrocartography. This reading will also be recorded for your future reference.

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The Natal Chart reading includes an exploration of your recent past, your present moment, and your future trajectory, illuminating auspicious timing and specific dates for your days ahead. However, any period of time can become our focus. For instance, looking further back into the past, we can illuminate the influence of the planets during traumatic events, as well as successful ventures you may want to glean wisdom from. We can look far into the future as well, when present choices are known to have long term outcomes and you want to see how the energy will be flowing over this longer period of time. 

In addition to the Natal Chart reading, I offer readings for relationships, as Synastry and Composite chart readings. During these readings we look at compatibility, challenges, and strengths, as well as any other specific questions you may have. With this reading, I must have explicit, written permission to look at another person’s chart with you. 

And lastly, I also offer Astrocartography, if you would like to look at your relationship with various locations in the world. These readings are great for decisions like where to move, hold a special ceremony, initiate business ventures, take a vacation, or seek places of study.

You may choose any of these types of readings with this option of 90 minutes live, in – person or virtual. This reading will also be recorded for your future reference.


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