Akashic Record Session

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Do you wonder what your soul purpose and gifts are? Or how you can release the feelings of unworthiness, attract your soul-clients or feel aligned with your career? All these questions can be answered in a non-judgemental way via an Akashic Record reading.

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Do you ever have the feeling like something is just not flowing in your life? 


  • You’re stuck in a frustrating relationship with someone and can never seem to ‘get it right’

  • No matter how many visualizations or podcasts you listen to, you can’t seem to break through your abundance blocks long enough to feel like you’re a success

  • You keep questioning what exactly your life purpose is – and feel envious of your colleagues who seem to have it all figured out

  • You’re swirling in questions about all. the. things. and just WISH you had a direct line with the cosmos to bring some clarity and guidance so you can get back to thriving in your life

These are exactly the kinds of questions clients bring to an Akashic Record reading – and walk away with insight, clarity, healing and a feeling of “I’ve got this”.

After almost a decade of accessing the Akashic field for myself and my clients, here are a few things I’ve come to know: 

  1. You’re not meant to walk this path of life alone and have a team of guides begging to support you (I know, crazy right?!) 

  2. There is always a soul-level explanation for what you’re experiencing and just knowing this brings you a sense of calm, peacefulness and an I-got-this attitude

  3. Your experiences here on earth are ultimately to help you reconnect to your heart, your essence, your purpose and to help you grow in consciousness for the sake of yourself and humanity

Feeling open and curious to have this awakening and healing experience?  I would love to support you and give you what my clients call, a ‘soul massage’!


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