12 Week Lead Your Family to Thrive After Divorce Coaching Program


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Whether you are in the midst of a divorce now, resettling after a recent divorce, or still trying to figure things out from a divorce that occurred years ago, I can help you still have the family life of your dreams!

This 12-week Coaching Program includes 10 fifty minute phone or video coaching calls over 12 weeks.

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Experiencing the pain of their parents’ divorce can be an extremely traumatic experience for a child. Especially challenging for the child is the reality that while they are in need of extra attention, stability, love, patience, understanding, and affection from their parent, the parents themselves are experiencing their own emotional challenge, therefore depleting their parenting resources at a time when they are needed the most.

Yet, how parents conduct themselves through and after divorce can not only cause or spare the children unnecessary pain and harm, but can also set the stage for the future family dynamic moving forward. 

If you are currently experiencing divorce, you may be dealing with a multitude of emotions and feeling your absolute worst. But, your children need peaceful, calm, and stable parents who can help them manage their own emotions during this time. You want to be a non-reactive model of resilience, stability, and peacefulness as you navigate your family through this challenge and into the new family reality.

 As a Certified Parent Coach® with expertise in coaching through and after divorce, I help parents be the stabilizing factor their children need through this challenging time. Working with me, a parent will learn how to maintain calmness and effectively and patiently parent their children through this process. By learning how to calm yourself and stay nonreactive, you will be a more stable and rational participant in the mediation or legal process of divorce.

 In this 12-week coaching program, you will gather the information and develop the skills you need to lead your family to thrive after divorce!


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