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Get the tools and support
you need to sell online - in one place.

Are you a parent that wants to create passive income
so you can spend more time with your kids?

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Courses Ebooks Books Printables Appointments Physical Goods Private Groups Memberships Supscriptions Audio Downloads and more!

Our 4 Pillar System

to save you time, money and energy in your business.

So you can share your gifts with the world instead. 

The Flowation Marketplace

"Set and forget" selling.

  • Set up your physical and digital products, services, classes, and event tickets –  once. 
  • Add a form to any Offer to collect information from your customers before deciding to work with them.
  • Sync your appointment calendar to your Gcal – never miss an appointment.
  • We host your course and digital content.
  • We drive warm leads to your landing pages that searched for what you’re selling.
  • We send out order information, appointment confirmations, and nurture the people who bought from you to buy again. No more figuring out endless emails!

Flowation Business Services

Let us help you quickly solve the problems impacting your business.

  • Use our Revenue Flow Tracker program to learn how to create the revenue you want within the hours you want to work. And track your revenue with our robust metrics.
  • Need help creating a new Offer? Fixing the copy on your landing page? Getting more sales? We have training, resources, coaching or customer service available to solve almost every business issue. Get the support you need – at no extra cost. 

Flowation Community

Connect with other Soulpreneurs who are on the same journey.

  • Become part of a safe ad-free community of people who share your spiritual mindset.
  • Join our exclusive Business Group and get exclusive access to our 24/7 virtual Business Lounge to find collaborators!
  • Create your own private group(s) for your students or customers.

The Flow Lab

Be seen by your soul clients.

  • Easily share your blog, podcast, graphic or video content. We link everything you share to your Store, so potential customers can get to know, like and trust you – without you constantly creating new content. 
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field. And boost your chances of being found online. We drive the traffic, you get the attention.

When you sell on the Flowation Marketplace you support our mission:

Two percent of the Flowation Marketplace’s revenue goes to developing and funding our Healing for Little Hands program, which aims to serve two goals:


To create and curate educational materials for children and teenagers that aim to teach them emotional regulation tools from a young age.


And to create a community of lightworkers who provide support services to children, and their families, who are experiencing life-threatening situations and critical illnesses to help them heal from the trauma they have experienced.


As a Flowation business member each month you’ll be serving your dreams, helping people grow, and supporting our mission to help provide a better world for our next generation of children.

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discover how to sell online with ease and flow!

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Understand Our Two Types of Fees

Transaction Fees

We handle payments for everything you sell on the Marketplace.

You pay 4.4% + 30¢ for each sale for Stripe payment processing regardless of what plan you're on.

(This rate accommodates Stripe international credit card fees. We recommend you include this as a convenience charge to your customers.)

Marketplace Fees

You pay a 5% + 70 cents (USD) commission on each sale you make by selling through our Marketplace.

Or you pay a subscription fee and no Marketplace commissions.


10% / sale
  • See a detailed list of all of our features below.
  • Start selling anything you want risk and cost free!


$22 / month
  • Includes everything in Heartpreneur
  • Save on commission fees, and have just one fixed cost for running your online business.


$222 / year
  • Includes everything in Lightpreneur
  • Get our lowest price. It comes out to $18.50/month.

Ready for even more leads?

Add on our A-la-carte-business services to any plan whenever you need them.

SEO Audit

$11 / page
  • We will match the SEO on your page to what's being searched for in the marketplace related to your Offers.

Copy Audit

$150 / page
  • Our copy team will go through your landing page or Flow Lab content to make sure your language speaks to your soul customers.


$200 / month
  • We'll set up and maintain one off-site ad for you.
  • You pick the ad budget you want to pay each month.

Why Choose Flowation?

Get all the benefits of a business platform

that is customized to your needs as an entrepreneur

who wants to make the world a better place!

Compare Our Plans

Features: Heart Light
Free access to all Flowation business trainings, resources, coaching, and business events.
Access to our 24/7 virtual Business lounge for co-working and networking.
Flow Lab. Promote your content. We display it on your storefront.
Online store for digital and physical products. Sell an Unlimited amount of Offers.
Use the Revenue Flow Tracker in your store to track your revenue goals in real-time! No more suprises at the end of the year!
Automated email sequences to nurture your customers and get repeated sales!
Sell physical products.
Robust analytics for your page and store.
Host your private online group(s) in our community.
Sell digital products like ebooks, audio, video or graphics. Up to 100 MB of file size. Hosting and digital delivery is included.
Sell classes, membership/subscriptions. Hosting and digital delivery is included.
Sell service appointments, like one-on-one sessions or classes. Calendar service is included.
Access to a-la-carte business and coaching services to help boost your sales.
4.4% + 30¢ Stripe transaction fee for each sale you make.
Additional 5% + 70¢ commission fee for each sale you make.
Monthly subscription fee instead of the commission fee on each sale.


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