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Reconnect with your Intuition

We make it easy for you to connect with other people like you. Or engage with content in our Flow Lab magazine that can help you figure out how to best parent your children to their true potential.

Attend all kinds of events

There’s nothing like being surrounded by people who you feel at home with. Find events of all types, and mingle to make new connections!

The Flowation Marketplace

Rejuvinate your Spirit.

Shop from other Parents

Find physical and digital products, courses, professionals and help of all types to guide you through your every day challenges, and to make your life a little sweeter.

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We make it easy to keep track of everything you’re learning here at Flowation. Consider us your personal library of soul-satisfying information.

We Want to Create Lasting Change

We're all about the kids

We want to make it easier for you to heal yourself. Because we believe those pursuing their own evolution and enlightment will help create a better world for our future generations.


And at Flowation we’re all about helping today’s adults learn how to empower tomorrow’s adults.

When you buy on the Flowation Marketplace you can support our mission:

Two percent of the Flowation Marketplace’s revenue goes to developing and funding our Healing for Little Hands program, which aims to serve two goals:


To create and curate educational materials for children and teenagers that aim to teach them emotional regulation tools from a young age.


And to create a community of lightworkers who provide support services to children, and their families, who are experiencing life-threatening situations and critical illnesses to help them heal from the trauma they have experienced.


As a Flowation business member each month you’ll be serving your dreams, helping people grow, and supporting our mission to help provide a better world for our next generation of children.

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