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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! And if you reach out through our Help widget and let us know, we’ll discuss options with you about how we can work with you to drive the RIGHT traffic to your listing.

Yes. But don’t wait too long! Because people aren’t likely to engage with a listing that is incomplete. And we can only drive traffic to listings that have their descriptions and tags set in place.

You don’t need to have a video, or any specific content for your Premium listing. There are so many features on the Premium Listing to accomodate the many ways that people like to promote themselves, and because people like to use different calls to action for their products and services. 

You can get a full list of all the possible types of content you can upload to your Premium Listing here.

And then just create and upload the ones that make the most sense for you.

Do you want to create a promotional video for your listing?     
Check out, and create your own stunning promotional video in minutes!
Or do you want ebooks, articles, workshops, and other content that will help you establish your presence in the market?
Check out for white-label content that you can rebrand and sell as your own!

*Please note we’re affiliates/referrers for both of these services. Click the above links may result in us receiving a commission at no cost to you.

If you’re struggling to create content then click on the Help button in the lower right hand corner. We can discuss options with you about how to get the content you want for your Premium Listing created for you.

Sure! We have ads running on many platforms, and we’re doing SEO work to drive traffic to the main site where the directory will be front in center on the homepage ( – we’re ranked at the top in several searches). And then on a deeper level as people sign up and submit their professions, specialities, and “tags” describing the issues that they work with and solutions they provide we’ll be doing SEO work to directly link those tags to keywords that are being searched for on the major search engines. So ie. if someone types in manifesting, they’ll be led to a search result page for all of the professionals on our site that have used the tag “manifesting” (or some variation of that). Premium listings will be at the top of that search result page in order of stars and number of reviews, and then free listings ranked by starts and reviews.

Yes. You can create as many class, event, location and retreat listings as you’d like. You’re limited to one Business or Soulpreneur listing though. And can list up to 2 professions on that listing, and multiple specialties under each profession. 

Visit our helpdesk to View our video tutorials, browse our support topics, or ask a question. Or use the widget in the lower right-hand corner to submit your question. We try to respond within 1 business day.