How to alchemize trauma

What was your dark night of the soul like?

Did you come out of the underworld stronger? What magical skills did you unlock from drinking from the River Styx?

I went through such an experience, and despite the pain and agony, I found Joy and laughter.

person's hang reaching out sunlight

How do you remember to laugh, smile and love when the worst thing you can imagine happens? 

You find yourself in a place of darkness and you see no light to guide you through?

Lightworkers, wounded healers, leaders and warriors know how to do this. We find our inner strength within our own personal hell. It reforges us into something stronger than what existed before.

I lost my lower leg over the course of 4 surgeries. (3 of them were in the last two years.) I had gangrene, sepsis, an A1C of 17, bones sticking out of my feet, staphylococcus aureus, several cysts in the leg bone, extreme inflammation, and a few other conditions I can’t remember right now. 

I healed when I should not have. I looked at the path in front of me, and I choose to do the scariest thing possible. I decided to let go, and heal. 

Doing so allowed me to let go of several soul contract’s, nullify a generational trauma, find love, and transform my life so that I’m much happier.

A friend of mine, Vicky, did an interview with me this summer that talks about my journey. We go over why I healed, how I did it, and in what manner I am going to make the world a better place as I move forward. 

Please click on the YouTube link below.






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