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When life gives you lemons...make a lemon missile gun!
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At the end of summer of 2021, I had my second surgery of the year. I was placed in a nursing facility for 3 months.

It was obvious that I did not need much physical therapy, nor was my strength or balance gone. I had managed to get used to the idea my lower leg was missing. 

This happend because I accepted the challenge I had encountered at face value, and decided to roll onward to what was next. 

I alternated between sleeping, reading and zooming around the complex in my wheelchair. I had my tarot deck with me, and some of my rocks and the Halloween costume I was collecting for Samhain. 

I didn’t worry about my future health or what sort of condition I was in. COVID was going nuts in my area at this time. I was on temporary disability, so money was not an issue. 

I had only one problem. I didn’t like sharing my room with other people. I was a happy person in a place full of pain and suffering. This caused me to be more gregarious and outspoken the louder the darkness around me became. 

In this space, I found a purpose. My door was always open to anyone who wanted a tarot reading, emotional or spiritual advice. A large portion of the staff knew I was pagan and a psychic. Everyone I encountered thought this was awesome. My normal staff of caretakers introduced me to their friends, and coworkers, so I could help them untangle whatever situation they were in. 

I learned from first hand experience that the best way to heal from a wound is to be willing to help ohter people heal. It’s an uplifting experience. We take a lot of the old and unwanted energy swirling around us, sends it to the earth to get purified and then returned back to us to help us heal.

We also get a return of the energy we spent on healing someone, plus a bit of extra. Being open to sprit in such a manner forces us to stay on track and to heal properly. 

This was advice I had been giving people for several years. I simply saw an opportunity to implement my own advice. 

I hope whoever reads this remembers that they can become the light they are looking for. 

From a place of fairy, trust, and

pixie dust.




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