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Copy Audit

Speak to Your Soul clients

Our copy writing team will help you update the copy on your landing page to make sure it will convince leads to buy from you!

If you also add on a Flowpreneur Traffic package then our Ad team will take over and start sending you new leads!

Applies to only 1 landing page.

Don't know what to write on your landing page? Don't worry! You'll receive free access to our mini-training "How to write your landing page copy with Chat GPT" to get you started.

A Consistent Flow of Leads

We'll send Extra Traffic to
Your Landing Page

Add one of our Flowpreneur Traffic packages to get a steady flow of new leads each month.

You'll pick 1 product/service for us to send extra traffic to. We recommend a passive income product, so the same leads can buy your other products too!

You'll pay a monthly base subscription fee, and then pick your monthly ad budget. 1 landing page/traffic package.

You must have completed a Copy Audit first to qualify.

Need a unique offer?

Offer Channeling

Attend a group Offer Channeling session. Walk away with actionable ideas on what to offer your customers that will support your Revenue Flow Map.

Need help with your Revenue Flow Map?

Get in the Hot Seat!

Attend a group RFM Hot Seat session. We'll uncover your subconscious blocks and anything in the way of your goals.
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