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Does marketing your business feel like a full-time job that’s draining your energy away… from doing the work you love?

We have a solution.

But we need a little help spreading the word once we launch. 

Become a Beta Affiliate

Discounted Rate

Only pay $11/month. You'll receive all the new features as we upgrade, but only pay the Beta rate even as our rates increase.

Affiliate Commission

Receive an $11 affiliate commission for each person that signs up for a Premium listing through your promotions.

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Premium Profile

Make it easy for users to know, like & trust you by including your blog, videos, services, products, events, class details and more!

Home Page Listing

Your profile details will be featured on our homepage for 6 months so you can attract
extra traffic to your listing.

What do I have to do?


Register below as a Beta Affiliate for your Premium Listing profile, and set up your profile with your marketing materials & contact details.

Affiliate Dashboard

Use our self-serve affiliate dashboard, and download the promotional materials we've provided for you to use.

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Do 8 different promotions. Pick any combination of social media posts, podcasts, blogs, videos, etc. Take screenshots, save the final audio, or links.


Submit proof of your promotions in the Affiliate dashboard by March 10th to lock in your Beta Affiliate benefits.

Offer valid until 2/22/2020

We won't be offering this ever again. So sign up today!
Limited Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

1 social media post, 1 clip inserted into your podcast, 1 clip inserted into a YouTube video, 1 newsletter dedicated to promoting the directory, etc.

If you create a promotion directed to send traffic to a second promotion (i.e. a newsletter that leads to a blog post, podcast episode, etc.), then it will count as 2 promotions.

You will be able downgraded to regular affiliate status. So you won’t continue to receive the discounted monthly pricing available to Beta Affiliates, but can maintain your premium listing profile at the regular rate. Also, you will not be featured on the home page during our 6 month Beta Affiliate promotions to drive traffic to your listing.

If you maintain a listing (free or premium) you can remain on as a regular affiliate, and you will still be able to receive your commission for every premium listing you sign up.  

Yes! In the future you will be billed on the 8th of the month.

Yes! You’ll receive your affiliate commission for each premium listing that signs up through your promotions for as long as you maintain a listing (free or premium) and are enrolled as an affiliate.

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