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Soulpreneur Lifestyle Podcast Episode

Ep. 18 - [Interview] The Highly Sensitive Child

Published on July 9, 2019


About this episode:

Our guest today is Julia McGarey, of Partnered Path Parenting. She's a Highly Sensitive Child parent coach, and we discuss how to identify whether you have a highly sensitive child, building connections with them and how to set them up for success out in the 'real world.' 

About Julia:

Julia McGarey holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Education from the University of Colorado at Denver. As a certified Leading Edge Parenting Coach, she pays particular attention to the challenges of parenting Highly Sensitive Children. A Highly Sensitive Person herself, Julia sees both the beauty and the challenges of raising a child who feels things deeply, notices everything, and commits to their plans with unmatched persistence.

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