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When someone signs up for our Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur plans through your link you'll receive a 50% recurring commission. And you can make a 5% commission on any other Offer in the marketplace.

If someone becomes an Affiliate through you, you'll earn 5% on all of their Lightpreneur & Flowpreneur signups also!

Follow these 5 easy steps:

Get to Know Flowation and our Marketplace & E-commerce features -

customized for Lightworkers, Empaths, Healers, and Heart-Centered entrpreneurs. However you identify, if you care about helping people we're for you!

Get to know our e-commerce software features, and all the other ways that Flowation saves you time, money and energy in managing and marketing your business.

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Pick which method of becoming an Affiliate works best for you:

Sign up for a free Heartpreneur account or free 2-week Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur trial

No credit card is required. Heartpreneur plans are free. You can use our Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur plan for free for the 2 week trial. You’ll automatically become an Affiliate when you sign up.

If you sign up as a Heartpreneur and would like to be able to sell for free, please make sure to include the Marketplace/credit card processing fees as a convenience charge to your customers.

Or use the form below to register as an affiliate without a Flowation account.

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Set yourself up for payments & get your swipe files

We appreciate your time. So we’ve created content that’s easy to share and customize with your own branding if you want to.

We currently pay through Paypal, so you’ll need an paypal account!

Promote the Lightpreneur plan or any product, service, etc. in our Affiliate Bank and Make Commission

  • We pay you a recurring 50% commission each month of your Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur signup’s subscription fee for as long as they stay a user.
  • Please note: This amount may vary depending upon if they are signed up for the Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur plan at full price, through a sale, or our scholarship program.

    We also provide extra training materials to help you answer any questions your lead might have, and resources to help encourage them to stay.

  • And we pay you a 5% commission on any other product, service listed in the Affiliate Bank that you help sell.
  • And we pay you a 5% commission on any Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur signups brought in by an Affiliate you’ve brought in.
  • And we provide you with ideas on how to organically promote products, services, etc that are in the Affiliate Bank

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